Property Maintenance

The property maintenance division of Drago’s Landscaping offers a wide variety of services including:
  • Lawn mowing: We offer weekly and bi-weekly mowing services. Our customers like the fact that our schedule is very stringent. They know that they can expect their mowing service on the same day, every week, all summer as long as weather permits. With extremely competitive prices our customers have found it makes sense to have a mowing service giving more free time on weekends to do the things everyone enjoys.
  • Spring cleanups: Our spring cleanups include a variety of services. We pick up all the leaves and debris that have fallen over the winter and then de-thatch your lawn. We offer a wide variety of mulch allowing every customer to find a color they like. Our mulch installation gives your yard a mid summer look in spring.
  • Fall cleanups: At the end of the year many customers utilize this service. We cleanup all the leaves on the lawn, bushes, mulch beds etc. This helps give your lawn a healthy start in the spring by not choking out the grass with the weight of the leaves.
  • Shrub trimming: This gives your yard a fresh look with evenly shaped shrubs in the middle of summer. We chose this time to give your plants time to stop flowering, but before new buds grow. This ensures our customers will have beautiful flowering shrubs on a yearly basis.